Mother Lode provides practical resources for indie musicians, specifically tailored to the unique demands of mothering.

Mother Lode is an independent blog and online community, run by a small but dedicated team of volunteers. They exist to:

  • Nurture the physical & emotional wellbeing of musician-mums, a cohort who are frequently at risk of burnout;

  • Discover practical ways musicians-mothers can improve or adapt their creative practice to meet the demands of parenting;

  • Share knowledge, contacts and resources;

  • Influence positive change in the Australian music sector by challenging embedded accessibility barriers for working mothers.

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Hope Assistance Local Tradies (HALT) offers its service to the music and arts Industries.

HALT is a grassroots, suicide prevention charity promoting Mental Health awareness in blue collar industries. They aim to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and provide tools and resources to have a tough conversation with a mate and to seek help.

This is typically delivered via lived experience talks in the workplace, sporting club, hardware stores and the like. HALT also delivers Safe Talk training.

HALT is extending the invitation to the music and arts industries. They have musicians, visual artists and performers within their team. If you have a venue, production, business or group, HALT would love to come and talk to you. No group is too small.

HALT is federally funded and is able to offer these talks and resources at no charge to you.

Find out more about HALT.

Support Act‘s Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing is a regularly updated resource of evidence-based information, articles, videos, plus app and book recommendations, specifically curated for those who work in music.

You can access the guide here:

Whether you want to learn how to give or get help, look after your own wellbeing or hear how others in the music community have overcome challenges, this guide is for you. If you need additional support contact the Support Act Wellbeing Helpline now on 1800 959 500.